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    Intro to Programming Languages: Books for Java, C, C++, Python, and Perl


    Recently we at FYCSP had an ask about AP Computer Science and if there were any books which could be used to learn Java. So, as a series/menial task which I feel many of our followers here at FYCSP will enjoy, I have collected and uploaded various intro-level books.

    Introductory level books for…

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92 Football Words in Chinese
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    Dig Mandarin’s Book of the Month: Cheng

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    “Hello I just started developing an interest in crocheting. Do you have any tips or good websites to look for basic tutorials that helped you learn? I am already crafty but I am having a hard time figuring out crocheting. Btw your stuff is awesome!”


    When I started learning to crochet, I looked at a lot of youtube vids. some of my favorites were…

    The Crochet Crowd


    and Crochet Geek

    Its also good to learn how to do basic shapes, like a cylinder, sphere, etc.

    for that, you can try

    You may also want to find yarn that works best for you. When I started I tried Caron Simply Soft yarn, that yarn however, did not work well for me. So I switched to Red Heart Yarn. That yarn worked a whole lot better for me. :)

    And last, have fun. Don’t get discouraged if its not coming out the way you like. Mine certainly didn’t when I started. It takes practice and patience. :)

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    Minions 2014 Chinese New Year I Year of the Horse

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    My first online article on

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    …um(a) professor(a) me dá bronca por dormir em uma aula super entediante.



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    Enquanto isso no Orkut…


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superman, you are drunk. via


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